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PKI-Forum Russia 2017

XV anniversary international
scientifically-practical conference
on public key infrastructure and
electronic signature issues
«PKI-Forum Russia 2017»

Place: Saint-Petersburg, ASIMUT Hotel
Date: September, 12–14
Initiator: The Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
Organisational support: LLC Media Group Avangard

Annual development results in the direction connected with the application of Public Key Infrastructure technologies are summarized, new plans and trends are outlined, broad experience is shared at the PKI-Forum.
More than 250 Russian and foreign specialist participated in the PKI-Forum 2016. Within three days, all the most interesting for the suppliers and consumers of PKI-based solutions issues were discussed.

Basic Forum issues and themes for discussion:

Program committee deputy chairman:

Sergey Kiryushkin, Ph.d.
tel.: +7 911-996-55-30,
+7 (812) 305-20-50, add. 1575
e-mail: kiryushkin-S@gaz-is.ru

Additional information, participation and registration issues:
web: http://www.pki-forum.ru
tel.: +7 (499) 271-70-85 (LLC Media Group «Avangard»)
e-mail: info@avangardpro.ru